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Candy Crush Cheat Tactics
Candy Crush is really quite a craze these days. It is not uncommon to see people staring at their phones with furrowed eyebrows as they try to determine their next move in this epic game. True enough, while kids love real candy, adults are simply addicted to Candy Crush. With bigger screens and fast processors on today’s smart phones, you would wonder why such simple yet addictive game can conquer smarts and hearts of the players.

If you are one of the so-called Candy Crush fanatics, you are one of the 45.6 million monthly users. Yes, the numbers are quite impressive considering that the game is really quite simple. Originally released for Facebook, it is now one of the most, if not the most sought after game in smart phones. In fact, it has officially surpassed the popularity of Farm Ville 2, which also had a pretty good run in the phone gaming field.




Maybe it is the sheer simplicity of the game’s objectives that makes it so popular. Its main pieces are, as you would expect, candy. Different colors represent different candies namely lozenge (orange), jelly bean (red), lemon drop (yellow), square (green), lollipop head (blue) and cluster (purple). There is a target score, which a player can achieve with only a limited number of moves. Talk about a colorful and fun game that still engages the mind. It really does have the recipe for success.


However, don’t be fooled by the colorful and even yummy façade of the game. There are times wherein you will get stuck in a level. Sure you can try it over and over but after several attempts, you will later on discover that you just might need a little help.

But how where can you find Candy Crush cheat tactics? Well, you can easily find it online. Just Google it and voila! Website after website will show you ways on how to get ahead and reach your objectives. Most of them come in the form of walk-throughs. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised that there are walk-throughs in every level! So whether you are at level 1 or level 392, there is no reason for you to get stuck and give up. Google, after all, does have all the answers including the way out in every Candy Crush level.
There are also websites that have Candy Crush cheat moves. There are websites that allow Candy Crush cheat downloads that enable the player to have unlimited lives and get lollipops for free. Oh and it is great to know that the download itself comes for free so you can get ahead and advance through levels without any hassles.

Candy crush cheats level 97
There are also websites that simply give you guides on how to deal with specific levels. While it does not mean an automatic win, it will ease your way through the game.
If you want to play the game all by your own wit, strength, patience and might, well go ahead. However, if you just want a smooth sailing, easy breezy game, then go ahead and check out the different Candy Crush cheat tactics available online.

The must play game of the millennium. Official download pages:

Google Play Store

Ultimate Guide for Winners

Itunes Apple

Wikipedia: About The Game



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